Monday, December 24, 2018

Give Power to the People : Best Portable Solar Power Station

The HANS™  inventions allow people to generate their own electricity without having to pay the bill, buy fuel or produce harmful pollution.The HANS™ PowerPack and HANS™ Solar Briefcase address a problem that plagues nearly 3 billion people worldwide: lack of reliable and economical access to electricity. 

  Powerpack can be useful for the following :
Hans Powerpack being used: Retail Sector
  • Outer Camping
  • Tailgating
  • At Schools for Running DC
  • Fans or emergency lighting
  • Lighting for Daily work like:
  • Studying, cooking etc.
  • Public Functions
Hans™  Powerpack being used: Institutional Sector
  • Railways 
  • Coal Mining
  • Fire Fighting
  • Natural Calamities like Earthquakes
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Power grid failure

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Best Portable Solar Power Generator for Home: HANS PowerPack 300

Why You Need a Solar Power Generator for Home
There are a lot of different things you need to have at home for an emergency or natural disaster. Food and water are necessities. So are medical supplies.

And light. You NEED light in the dark. And power. As much as you can get.
While most people are buying up all of the batteries on store shelves when the threat of an emergency is looming, that sort of prepping isn’t going to last you well in the long run. If a disaster lasts more than just a few days, batteries run out. 
You can fully charge the HANS PowerPack 300 via a wall charger when you DO have electricity. It retains 70% of its charge for up to 6 months. So no need to worry about finding daylight to charge it up when a natural disaster is hitting. And one full charge will give you up to 300 hours of light and up to 30 cell phone charges.
And batteries are only going to supply you with power for battery-operated lights.
Not phone charging. Not laptop charging. Not food cooking.
What you need is a free and unlimited way of charging up your phones or radios to stay connected during an emergency. A way of plugging in laptops to see weather reports, how to file claims, where to go for shelter should you need it, and -let’s be honest – how to stay entertained when the power is out for days on end.
You need a power supply system that will last for days and weeks should you need it. And you need power to charge many different types of your family’s electronics. The HANS PowerPack 300 definitely will supply those needs!
I've learned my lesson. Natural disasters and emergencies are not fun - and there might not be anyone to help you for days. That's why I take charge of my own family with the best solar power generator that I've found. Prepping for an emergency needs to happen now - before a disaster - so that you aren't unprepared or fighting crowds for limited supplies.
Solar power is a renewable emergency power supply. As long as the sun is out, you can be recharging your power supply. With the HANS PowerPack 300, a kickstand allows you to change the position of the generator to best capture solar power.
No need to worry about getting to the store to buy more batteries, only to find none there. No need to worry about charging your phones and computers.
If you have any query, Please contact JMK Energy
JMK Energy is an authorized e-commerce dealer for the HANS™ and Hans Free Electric™ products.